Welcome to Foreigners Consulting!

My name is Ilona Wójcik-Rak, and I have many years of experience in working within the Department of Nationals’ and Foreigners’ Affairs in the Małopolska Provincial Office ( in Krakow). I have extensive experience in conducting administrative proceedings for foreigners who wish to reside in Poland. During my position as a Senior Provincial Inspector, I worked closely with many offices, such as the Foreigners’Affairs Office, public administration bodies, law enforcement authorities (border control, the police, the prosecutor’s office), and diplomatic missions/consulates.

While being employed in the government, I took part in many professional training courses to improve my qualifications, such as “Prawa migrantów w praktyce” (“Migrants’ Rights in Practice”), which was conducted by the International Organization for Migration, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Labour Inspectorate. The nature of my work required for me to be up to date on the laws and regulations of the private, public and constitutional provisions.

If you choose to work with me, I guarantee that your case will be carried out with the utmost care.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ilona Wójcik-Rak