Foreigners Consulting sample price list of services/cases/gross prices

  1. Consultation/analysis of documents from the Party/client, perusing the documents and choosing the best solution for the Party/client, suggesting possible further issues and/or presenting the circumstances of the case, how the course of a given procedure may end based on the analysis of the documents/circumstances. – Cost PLN 180/one-off/no time limit
Comprehensive handling of the case by appointing me as your attorney: INCLUDES point 1

* temporary residence and/or work permit (e.g. work, business activity, company, secondment, high qualifications – blue card, family reunification, etc.) – Cost PLN 600

* temporary residence permit STUDIES – Cost PLN 500

* work permit of any type (including obtaining labour market research – Information from the Starost) – Cost PLN 400

* permanent residence permit from the Pole’s Card + separate application for cash benefits on this account, total – Cost PLN 600

* residence permit for a resident (a long-term EU residence permit) –  – Cost PLN 800

* declaration of intention to entrust work – Cost PLN 200

* visa (includes sending a set of original documents to another country) – Cost PLN 600

* Information from the Starost – labour market research – Cost PLN 200

  • the amounts given are gross prices, they do not include fees at offices and any sworn translations into Polish, which may be obligatory.
  • each conducted procedure, e.g. temporary or permanent residence, includes filling in the application, assistance in collecting documents, registering for a visit to the office, checking the complete set of documents, participating with a foreigner during lodging the application and collection of the residence card. Personal transfer of the received decision for residence. Consultation and advice also during the proceedings via e-mail, telephone, messenger.
  • conducting proceedings in other voivodeships does not include appearing with a foreigner while taking fingerprints and collecting a residence card. It is possible to be agreed individually, for an additional fee. In the case of proceedings outside Krakow, the price of the service is 20% lower than that specified in the price list.
  • each case/service may be conducted throughout the country, except for a personal appearance with a foreigner, there is a deviation from this rule but for an additional fee.
  • each case/service includes the price of the stamp duty for the power of attorney and shipping costs to you via the Polish post. Sending documents to you or the authorities is also included in the price. 
  • handling cases concerns direct and remote service (telephone e-mail), fax, traditional mail.
  • the price list does not include all the services offered.